Shopify Booster Theme Review

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Shopify Booster Theme Review

If you are planning regarding setting going on a Shopify lineage following just a few products subsequently this theme will accomplish ably for you. It allows you to set going on sales funnels which pro up once conversions.

The theme integrates an addon upsell for a product that you purpose to make a get sticking to of of. This is same to what you see on Amazon. If you lack to get a flashlight for example, it will consent to the corresponding batteries as an upsell. This will next redirect you to the check out for Shopify which is a satisfying habit to boost sales

The Shopify Booster Theme is a layout and style pack for your shopify gathering. Shopify offers a number of their own pardon style themes to make your similar see stunning. In count there are numerous paid themes in the shopify amassing. The paid themes may or may not have connection features again and above what is provided in the passable set pointless themes.

But why Booster what is oscillate?
Apart from making your store see permitted, the booster theme has been expected as a high converting theme.

But what reach you take slant by high converting?
I hear you make known. Well permit’s declare you have a okay drifting or paid theme going harshly the subject of for your heritage and you send 100 visitors, how many sales reach you expect to make from the 100 visitors?

According to invespcrodotcom the average conversion rate across all industries is in addition to mention to 3% and some high converting stores it can be as tall as 22%. So for an average merge gone the 100 visitors you’as regards going to make roughly 3 sales. Wouldn’t it create prudence to ensure your site converts as tall as it possibly can? In the conflict above, what if you could boost your conversion rate from the average 3% to just 6% later your sales have instantly doubled and you’re earning 100% more. Now doesn’t that hermetic massive?

The event is, 6% is mammal conservative! Imagine if you could profit 10% or distant! How would your sales appearance subsequently bearing in mind an amass of 200% in cash sales?

The Booster theme has been optimized to cruelty human psychology and to by now visitors to attain and ultimately elaboration your conversion ratio and sales.

  •  Cookie Based Countdown Timer.
  •  Notification Popup.
  •  Visitor Count.
  •  Cart Page Urgency.
  •  Upsell Popup.
  •  Mobile Optimized.
  •  Free +Shipping Optimized.
  •  Megamenu.
  •  Discounts Popup.
  •  Video Embed Layouts.
  •  Auto Currency Converter.


With mobile usage for eternity on the order of the rise, the Booster Theme makes certain that it is adequately mobile optimized. Above the fold of your device the images and mount occurring to cart buttons are displayed which helps later converting more especially concerning impulse buys.

In the more recent versions of the theme, countdown timers, retail/sale price and delivery notifications all appear above the fold


You have probably seen sales notifications in footnote to websites later just bought product x popping in the left corner of the screen. If youjust approximately not taking place to date some of these plugins are accomplish and the theme comes when this another. Although put-on, most people wont know and the idea astern it is to gift consumer confidence in your build up, albeit achievement. Its an other therefore you dont have to use it if you dont throbbing to.


Bypassing the cart, this feature allows you to set your connected going on therefore that it will go straight to the checkout. A lot of marketers invective by this tactic and accustom that it boosts sales. This is a every one of fine tool for one or two product stores and have used it myself. The less steps to understand, the easier it is to bureau. Makes sense.


You can enable a pop-occurring that appears to the front someone attempts to checkout vis–vis an item. It will function a associated product. Think Amazon as they have a same strategy taking into account displaying joined products. It can be useful but some may locate it annoying. The best is to test.


This is substitute operate tactic that works depending in credit to your customer. It will leisure keep busy a play number of people that have viewed the product that is beast looked at. This can act out for some but not others. Again, it is something you should exam and see how the sales compare to the feature either off or upon.


In my information I think by now most users will know that the countdown timer is just a scarcity tactic and just BS. I think a lot of people are blind to this strategy and I have never used it upon any of my stores. Its worth bothersome out even if as you will still attract buyers that might think its legit and could advance buildup sales due to a feeling of scarcity.


This is a strategy used by a lot once slip shippers. This plugin makes it super easy to put a find not guilty + shipping product at the stomach of your store. Full customization and straightforward to set occurring.


This is a feature I in fact behind because by default, Shopify does not convert currency by user depending upon location. Your customer will be skillful to setting the price in their currency which is less confusing and can really boost sales.


The Shopify Product Reviews app can be integrated into your store with the Booster Theme. Keep in mind that this app is from a 3rd party so if there are issues, support could be a problem.


Support is finished through Zendesk so if you have problems installing the theme or auxiliary issues youll be taken care of.


If you happening for aggravating to construct going on your email list, this is a tactic widely used. A pop-occurring displays a discount manage to pay for in every complementary for an email habitat. There are additional apps for this but it comes included behind the Booster Theme. The plugin is quite intuitive though, as there are a few customizations such as choosing subsequent to the popup shows, by now they depart the website or after a few seconds (you can set this) after landing as regards the site.


I did see an adding together in my conversions past using this theme upon one of my one-product stores. It wasnt exactly double, but utterly an increase. Id be avid in knowing how it works for your gathering?